Wiki Reflection

As for my contributions to the wiki, I worked on many of the pages by editing content and text throughout the wiki. I was responsible for correcting grammatical errors and adding in more content when it was necessary.

Lax: I edited the entire page, along with adding in the key terms section and the picture that goes along with the key terms

Collective Intelligence: I added in examples.

Distributed Contribution: I added in content and video

Transmedia Navigation: I taught myself how to embed the video in html.

I am most proud of my ability to understand the readings and content from reading my classmates’ blog posts and being able to contribute these ideas into the wiki. I wish I had time to expand more on Jenkins. I find the other aspects, besides the ones that I was assigned, and would have loved to put more thought into it. I also wish I had been able to revise the design of the wiki itself. I got stuck on being able to add in more examples than the ones that were already given to us in the readings. Some concepts seem more difficult to understand with the examples that were provided so coming up with new ones posed a problems. As a collaborative writer, I learned that I’m very critical of others work when I don’t necessarily need to be. I also learned that I’m good a problem solving when I had to teach myself how to embed the html video codes into the wiki. I want to work on looking deeper into the content to create a better understanding of things and being able to relay that content to others.


Wiki Contribution

For the wiki, I contributed to the Collective Intelligence and the Distributed Cognition pages.


Collective Intelligence:

Another example of collective intelligence in this wiki assignment. As a class, we are all pooling our knowledge and our abilities to use research and the materials provided to us in this class to make this assignment successful. The key to this project is us working together. As individuals, we don’t know everything, so by collectively coming together, we are all adding more information that another classmate might have missed. We are also adding perspectives that other classmates might not have thought about.


Distributed Cognition:

Augmented Reality Video Games allow users to create a new reality every time they interact with the program. Software has been improved in such a way that a gamer can be looking through the screen of a gaming device (PSP, PS3, etc), see their own reality, but have extras added into it. AR games create fictional realities within the games themselves. People who create games like these are challenging the world around them and using the tools that they have to create new forms of intelligence.