Robust Note Taking Assignment: Ch 8

Key Terms

Cropping: the removal of some of the horizontal or vertical edges of a picture

Flopping: changes the direction of the image in a photo from side to side to make it a mirror image of the original

Silhouetted photos: have portions selectively removed (not strictly horizontal or vertical portions as in a cropped image)


Brief Summary

Images are a powerful part of the page designer’s palette. They impact the page by making it more visually appealing and communicating information to the audience. Images can influence mood, be decorative, or communicate information. The type of images you use will be based on your concept and the kind of visuals that are available. Using photographs, illustrations, Clip Art, and Type are especially helpful in drawing the eye of the audience and communicating the message.


Connections to Examples

 ad-vichy_feetThis Vichy advertisement uses photography and photograhpy enhancing websites very well to commniucate their message to the audience. Although the ad is in French, the image itself still portrays the message that the company is trying to present. They are showing that you can avoid having cracked feet by using their product.

Works Cited

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