Rhetoric Around Town: Repetition


Rhetorical Analysis

This advertisement is for Lancome’s Rouge in Love lipstick. The audience for this ad is women or teenage girls who wear and buy makeup. It is more so geared towards teenage girls who are looking for a more formal or sophisticated look, because Lancome chose to use Emma Watson as their spokesperson, a well known child actress to this generation. She is the main emphasis in the advertisement because Lancome is using her celebrity to drawn in their intended audience. As a star of the Harry Potter films, many teenage girls know who she is and look up to her. The primary message of the ad is to get the audience to appeal to the sexual attraction that they desire. The secondary message is about the Lancome products.The image was found on the Huffington Post website. The website itself is geared towards men and women, but this specific ad has women and teenage girls as its specific audience.¬†

Design Analysis

Repetition is a primary element used in this advertisement, mostly through the use of the color red. Through the heart being drawn in red, the re nail polish, and ¬†Emma’s lip color and nail being red, Lancome is repetitively using the color to draw the attention of the audience. By pairing it with the repetitive use of Emma’s silver outfit and the silver backdrop the ad, the red stands out more to the eye. By using repetition the audience is drawn to buy red products.

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