Project 3 Activity

I think that I want to use a map resume. Timelines are more common and you don’t really hear of people using map resumes often so I think it would be fun to use and try something different. For my video resume, I want to focus on the PR skills that I have acquired and how I’ve utilized them. Since I won’t be showing a picture of myself, I want to show an image (or multiple images) that represents the field that I want to go into. The key message that I want readers to get from my resumes are my skills in Public Relations and what else I can bring to the field. Details that I need to include would be experience that I have had in the field, classes to help me reach my goal of working in Public Relations, and what else I plan to do with my degree. I also want to include why I believe this field is important to me and why I believe it’s where I belong.

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