The Good, Bad, and Ugly About Video Resumes

Video Resumes are a creative way that a job seeker can showcase their skills and abilities aside from using the traditional paper resume. If used in the correct manner, it can be helpful in getting a job, the same way that a traditional resume can. If used incorrectly, it can not only prevent the person seeking employment from getting a job, but can also give off the wrong impression of them.

The Good:

Video resumes allow you to show off your personality better than paper can. This can help show how you stand out from other candidates.

Show off your technology skills. You are able to play around with different technologies in your video to show your capabilities.

Allows you to highlight specific skills from your resume.

Makes the application more personal.

The Bad:

Timing. Since video resumes are usually 1-3 minutes long, there is only a short amount of time to tell your qualifications and impress the potential employer.

Weaknesses in Communication Skills. Since video resumes require you to be on camera, it can easily show any weaknesses within your verbal communication skills.

Comfort. Video resumes can allow you to become too comfortable and come off as unprofessional on camera.

Too much creativity can take away from the purpose of the video resume.

The Ugly:

Video resumes can cross the lines of personal and professional very quickly. Be careful of the information that is disclosed.


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