Rhetoric on the Town: Flow

Rhetorical Analysis

The audience of this advertisement is drinkers of Mountain Dew and potential drinkers of Mountain Dew. It is also geared towards fans of Lil Wayne. The purpose of the ad is to get people to buy Mountain Dew and also support Lil Wayne and his music.

Design Analysis

This ad uses verbal flow in the typical way we use it in our Western culture. We are reading it from left to right and it is easy to read to get the point across to the audience. The ad uses good visual flow by flowing the words along with Lil Wayne’s body. This works to support the rhetorical analysis of the ad because it focuses the eye on the main part of the ad, the “Dew”, and then the secondary component of the ad’s purpose, Lil Wayne. Contrast is also used by contrasting a bright white font against the black and white of the picture. It causes the audience’s eye to go right to the point of the image, Mountain Dew.

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