Robusting Note Taking Assignment: Online & Professional Identities

Are we really who we say we are?
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Brief Summary

We all like to share our lives with the world on various social media websites. A great party, embarrassing moment, or vulgar language can cause problems.Once you put something on the Internet, it’s no longer in your control. You wouldn’t want potential employers to see you in a negative light. The company Social Intelligence has the authority to run a check on your Internet and Social Media history. Search engines make it very easy for potential employers to find information about you online. Try to publish positive information about yourself or information that you want people to see.


Questions with Discussion

The biggest question that comes to mind when thinking about our professional identity on the Internet is: what’s the right thing to post?

In college years especially, we want to share how much fun we’re having, the parties we go to, even the maybe not so legal thing we may engage in on a Saturday night. What we don’t realize is that employers have access to this and it makes it even easier for them when our accounts are public. Every aspect of our lives doesn’t need to be broadcasted on social media sites. We should always present ourselves in a professional manner through our statuses, tweets, pictures, etc.

Connection to Personal Course Outcomes

I think this is one of the most important concepts to me. Taking this class should use how we can use the digital world to our advantage, but there are many people who are at a disadvantage when using it. They set themselves up for failure by portraying themselves in a negative manner. A bad day full of vulgar ranting on Facebook can hinder your professional career in the future. Many job do utilize this to see if you are the right person for the job.

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