Rhetoric on the Town: Contrast

Coca Cola Polar Bear


Rhetorical Analysis:

This advertisement is one of the annual Coca Cola polar bear ads that comes out around Christmas time. The purpose of this ad is to get people to buy Coke. It is geared towards those who buy Coca-Cola and also those who do not currently buy it because they are attempting to draw those people in to buy more of the product. They are also gearing this ad towards people who care about polar bears.  They are attempting to get people who so care about polar bears to contribute to the Coca Cola Polar Bear support fund, which partners with Coke for this ad. It makes Coca Cola drinkers and supporters of the polar bear fund seem cool.

Design Analysis:

This advertisement draws in the eye of the audience by successfully using contrast. The white of the snow and polar bear makes the signature red coloring of the Coca Cola bottle stand out more. The bottle should have been bigger to add more contrast to the ad and draw in the audience’s eye more. The dark night sky provides a nice contrast to all of the white that’s in the ad, making sure that it isn’t too washed out. It doe emphasize the Coca Cola brand, by placing it in front of the polar bear, contrasting against the white of the bear.

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