Rhetorical Around Town: Balance

Rhetorical Analysis

The advertisement is geared at all shoppers. The ad itself displays men, women, and children showing that the store meets the needs for all shoppers. Being known for being a one-stop-shop, Target is appealing to many different demographics with this advertisement, while also specifically targeting those in the working world by portraying adults in business attire entering the store. By also displaying children in everyday clothes, they are signifying that they are there for the audience any time of the day.

Design Analysis

The advertisement shows balance by evenly spreading out the brand name and the image. The entire space is utilized and the illumination of the image draws the attention of the consumer. The advertisement is symmetrical, evenly distributed on both sides. Contrast is also displayed in this advertisement with the harsh white of the “Target” logo against the illuminated red of the image. It makes the brand name stand out more to the audience’s eye.

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