Project #3

When I grow up, I want to work in the Public Relations field or I want to work in Special Events Coordination. I want to be in either of these professions because I love being able to represent a product or company. I love setting out a good name for them and making them appeal to the best qualities to get the consumers that they are looking for. As far as special events coordination,¬† I love scheduling, planning, and organizing my time and events. When it’s something that I’m passionate about, it doesn’t seem like work to me and I think that’s something important to have in a career. I have been the Public Relations Chair in an organization that I’m involved in and I loved every aspect of it. I was originally a Marketing major when I first came to college, but I didn’t like the mathematical aspect of it. I switched to Communications with a concentration in PR which allowed me to work in a similar field without having to do the math.

Rhetoric on the Town: Alignment

Gatorade Superbowl Ad

Rhetorical Analysis:

This advertisement is geared towards everyone to encourage them to drink Gatorade. Usually a drink that is geared towards athletes, this ad is also trying to reach those people who aren’t athletes by using the byline “This time Gatorade changes the game off the court.” They are trying to market towards more than just athletes.

Design Analysis:

The ad uses alignment in the way that the words are presented against the shoe. By doing so, they are able to drawn the audience in to the point of your ad. The first thing you notice is the Gatorade symbol in the middle of the ad, then by aligning the text right above it, it causes the audience’s eye to wander up to read the rest of the ad. The font and Gatorade tag also have good contrast against the darkness of the body. Grouping the words together puts all of the relevant information together and makes the message easier to follow. The use of empty space allows us to focus on the product that the ad is trying to sell. The ad also center aligns the text. This supports the rhetorical purpose of the ad because by aligning the text at the top of the page, it is showing that Gatorade is stepping away from the court. If it had of been alignment at the top of the page, where the tiles of the basketball court are, it would have contradicted the message that Gatorade is changing it’s audience.

Rhetoric on the Town: Contrast

Coca Cola Polar Bear


Rhetorical Analysis:

This advertisement is one of the annual Coca Cola polar bear ads that comes out around Christmas time. The purpose of this ad is to get people to buy Coke. It is geared towards those who buy Coca-Cola and also those who do not currently buy it because they are attempting to draw those people in to buy more of the product. They are also gearing this ad towards people who care about polar bears.  They are attempting to get people who so care about polar bears to contribute to the Coca Cola Polar Bear support fund, which partners with Coke for this ad. It makes Coca Cola drinkers and supporters of the polar bear fund seem cool.

Design Analysis:

This advertisement draws in the eye of the audience by successfully using contrast. The white of the snow and polar bear makes the signature red coloring of the Coca Cola bottle stand out more. The bottle should have been bigger to add more contrast to the ad and draw in the audience’s eye more. The dark night sky provides a nice contrast to all of the white that’s in the ad, making sure that it isn’t too washed out. It doe emphasize the Coca Cola brand, by placing it in front of the polar bear, contrasting against the white of the bear.