Rhetorical Around Town: Balance

Rhetorical Analysis

The advertisement is geared at all shoppers. The ad itself displays men, women, and children showing that the store meets the needs for all shoppers. Being known for being a one-stop-shop, Target is appealing to many different demographics with this advertisement, while also specifically targeting those in the working world by portraying adults in business attire entering the store. By also displaying children in everyday clothes, they are signifying that they are there for the audience any time of the day.

Design Analysis

The advertisement shows balance by evenly spreading out the brand name and the image. The entire space is utilized and the illumination of the image draws the attention of the consumer. The advertisement is symmetrical, evenly distributed on both sides. Contrast is also displayed in this advertisement with the harsh white of the “Target” logo against the illuminated red of the image. It makes the brand name stand out more to the audience’s eye.

Audio Script

Digital Writing is any form of writing that happens digitally. In the world that we live in this form of writing is seen throughout our everyday lives. It is in our emails, our interaction on social media websites, our online newspapers, and even in how we utilize text messaging on our phones. It has truly become the was that we express ourselves to others. We use Facebook to say “what’s on our mind,” Twitter to find out “what’s happening right now, with people and organizations you care about,” and Tumblr to express any and everything else we see fit. Through these mediums, we have begun to change the way that our culture looks at the world. Digital writing has become our norm and participating in this form of writing has changed the culture we live in.

Two Creative Commons Images

Digital GlobeI would like to crop the globe of this picture and add text about the digital world.


Digital Media - EXTRA CREDITI want to use this picture to explain how digital writing enhances the world around us.


I think I’m going to use Gimp. I’m hoping to learn how to use the software all together. I’m not familiar with photo editing software so I’m excited to learn something new and play around with new technologies. I want to gain experience with working with other digital technologies especially since this program is different than Photoshop.

Robust Note Taking Assignment: Ch 8

Key Terms

Cropping: the removal of some of the horizontal or vertical edges of a picture

Flopping: changes the direction of the image in a photo from side to side to make it a mirror image of the original

Silhouetted photos: have portions selectively removed (not strictly horizontal or vertical portions as in a cropped image)


Brief Summary

Images are a powerful part of the page designer’s palette. They impact the page by making it more visually appealing and communicating information to the audience. Images can influence mood, be decorative, or communicate information. The type of images you use will be based on your concept and the kind of visuals that are available. Using photographs, illustrations, Clip Art, and Type are especially helpful in drawing the eye of the audience and communicating the message.


Connections to Examples

 ad-vichy_feetThis Vichy advertisement uses photography and photograhpy enhancing websites very well to commniucate their message to the audience. Although the ad is in French, the image itself still portrays the message that the company is trying to present. They are showing that you can avoid having cracked feet by using their product.

Works Cited

Graham, Lisa. Basics of Design: Layout and Typography for Beginners. Albany, NY: Delmar, 2002. Print.

Rhetoric Around Town: Repetition


Rhetorical Analysis

This advertisement is for Lancome’s Rouge in Love lipstick. The audience for this ad is women or teenage girls who wear and buy makeup. It is more so geared towards teenage girls who are looking for a more formal or sophisticated look, because Lancome chose to use Emma Watson as their spokesperson, a well known child actress to this generation. She is the main emphasis in the advertisement because Lancome is using her celebrity to drawn in their intended audience. As a star of the Harry Potter films, many teenage girls know who she is and look up to her. The primary message of the ad is to get the audience to appeal to the sexual attraction that they desire. The secondary message is about the Lancome products.The image was found on the Huffington Post website. The website itself is geared towards men and women, but this specific ad has women and teenage girls as its specific audience. 

Design Analysis

Repetition is a primary element used in this advertisement, mostly through the use of the color red. Through the heart being drawn in red, the re nail polish, and  Emma’s lip color and nail being red, Lancome is repetitively using the color to draw the attention of the audience. By pairing it with the repetitive use of Emma’s silver outfit and the silver backdrop the ad, the red stands out more to the eye. By using repetition the audience is drawn to buy red products.

Wiki Reflection

As for my contributions to the wiki, I worked on many of the pages by editing content and text throughout the wiki. I was responsible for correcting grammatical errors and adding in more content when it was necessary.

Lax: I edited the entire page, along with adding in the key terms section and the picture that goes along with the key terms

Collective Intelligence: I added in examples.

Distributed Contribution: I added in content and video

Transmedia Navigation: I taught myself how to embed the video in html.

I am most proud of my ability to understand the readings and content from reading my classmates’ blog posts and being able to contribute these ideas into the wiki. I wish I had time to expand more on Jenkins. I find the other aspects, besides the ones that I was assigned, and would have loved to put more thought into it. I also wish I had been able to revise the design of the wiki itself. I got stuck on being able to add in more examples than the ones that were already given to us in the readings. Some concepts seem more difficult to understand with the examples that were provided so coming up with new ones posed a problems. As a collaborative writer, I learned that I’m very critical of others work when I don’t necessarily need to be. I also learned that I’m good a problem solving when I had to teach myself how to embed the html video codes into the wiki. I want to work on looking deeper into the content to create a better understanding of things and being able to relay that content to others.